2.0.1 RELEASE NOTES – March 18th, 2006

  • Added support for viewing HTML, PDF (first page) and image files in Attachment List.
  • Added support for highlighting search results (plain text attachment). highlighting search results
  • Added support for recognizing URLs (plain text attachment). recognizing URLs
  • Added support for remembering selected attachment.
  • Added menu items and shortcuts for attachment “Add From Finder…” (Command-Shift-A), “Open with Finder” (Command-Shift-O) and “Reveal in Finder” (Command-Shift-R).
  • Added an option in “New Box” window to specify whether or not the newly created box will appear in Reminder Window.
  • Added two buttons “Select all” and “Deselect all” in Reminder Window preferences.
  • Added support for displaying icons of files in Attachment List.
  • Added support for indexing title of attachments.
  • Sorting in Item List now uses case insensitive compare (text column).
  • Fixed problem switching attachments in Attachment List.
  • Fixed problem saving attachment content when quit DeskBox.
  • Fixed problem recognizing attachment types.
  • Fixed crash importing from Apple Address Book in some cases.
  • Disabled “New Sub-Item” in Trash Box.

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