Release Note – 4/3/2006

Mac OS X 10.4+, 1.3MB


The fully functional demo lasts for 15 days from the first time you use it. There are no other limitations until the last day of your trial period (reset on each new release).

OverviewDeskBox is a Mac OS X program for organizing information. You can use DeskBox to manage To Do lists, calendars, birthdays, documents, etc. If you organize information in various forms, DeskBox makes your life easier.

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  • Todo lists
  • Calendar (recurring events)
  • Birthday reminder
  • Attachments
  • Reminder window


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What others say

  • Need another list generator? No? Well, try this one anyway.
  • That can be used for a variety of nifty storage nooks. It is also straightforward and comfortable, like the pillow you’ve had for years that fits your head just right…
  • This piece of software is great for keeping notes, documents, URLs, birthdays and pretty much anything else, organized.

PriceDeskBox costs $25 (US) for a single license. Volume discounts and site licenses are available. For further information, please visit the purchase page.

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