Install SafariSIA


1. Copy folder SafariSIABundle into either “~/Library/InputManagers” or “/Library/InputManagers”.

* ~ is the shortcut for your home directory.

* Create “~/Library/InputManagers” or “/Library/InputManagers” if it doesn’t exist.

2. Relaunch Safari and open Preferences (choose Preferences from the Safari menu), you should be able to find the new SIA icon.


Upgrade / Uninstall SafariSIA


1. Quit Safari if it’s running.

2. Delete the earlier version of SafariSIA (folder SafariSIABundle) from where you installed it (either “~/Library/InputManagers” or “/Library/InputManagers”).

3. Log out and log back in again, to make sure all effected programs are closed.

3. Copy the current version of SafariSIA (folder SafariSIABundle) into either “~/Library/InputManagers” or “/Library/InputManagers”.